Tips on Choosing the Best GABA Supplement For Your Needs

GABA supplementation is a popular natural treatment to remedy health conditions and can also be taken as a natural way of enhancing human performance. A lot of people who would benefit from taking a GABA supplement are unfamiliar with GABA itself let alone the range of options available to them when it comes to supplementation.

There is no singular best GABA supplement. The right choice of supplement for an individual depends entirely upon how well it is able to meet their particular set of needs. By considering the following criteria when selecting GABA supplements you will be able to find the product that will benefit you the most, and use it in the safest way possible.

Which one is the best GABA Supplement on the market?

Before selecting a particular GABA supplement it is vital to consider whether there is evidence indicating GABA will be beneficial to your aims and objectives. The following list consists of conditions which people take GABA supplementation for:

If there is a particular purpose to your GABA usage then it is vital to ensure that GABA has a track record of assisting that purpose. In an interview for Psych Central, Dr. Goddard, MD, talks about how having higher levels of GABA present in a person’s synapse leads to an anti-anxiety effect.

Similarly, in a 2013 scientific journal article published in Front Endocrinal, researcher Teresa C Delgado identified a number of studies showing that neurotransmitters, including GABA, have an important role to play in the regulation of appetite.

Before you begin finding the best GABA supplement for you it is important to ensure that there is some compatibility between findings such as the aforementioned studies relating to GABA and your purpose. Once you have ensured GABA is suitable for your aims you can narrow down a specific product containing GABA.

Main Ingredients

All GABA supplements have one thing in common – the presence of a therapeutic dose of GABA. The daily maximum dose suggested by doctors for GABA supplementation is 800mg. Many products will contain less than this however as they are intended to be taken multiple times per day. It is vital to check that the dosage of GABA in the supplement you are considering purchasing is appropriate and safe.

Many products contain active ingredients other than GABA. Active ingredients are ones which are intended to have an effect on your mind and body. Non-active ingredients are those which are needed, for example, to stabilize a pill or powder. Each category of ingredients will be listed separately.

Some products containing GABA are tailored towards a particular aim or intention in terms of the active ingredients they contain. For example, products geared towards mental focus may couple GABA with stimulants. This would not be suitable for someone taking GABA for relaxation purposes. Conversely, if a GABA supplement is intended to calm someone, it may be coupled with active ingredients that have a tranquilising effect. This would not be suitable for someone seeking enhanced cognitive performance.

With all active ingredients it is vital to ensure the non-GABA components of the product support the intentions of the user. It is also vital to ensure that other active ingredients are safe, suitable, and tested. An internet search, or consultation with a professional, is a superb way to ensure a product’s suitability. The following active ingredients can often be found in GABA supplements. A brief description of their purpose is provided in brackets –

*Taurine (an amino acid linked to cognitive performance)

*L Glycine (a non-essential amino acid linked to sleep quality)

*Herbal relaxants, such as Valerian, Passionflower (intended to calm and relax the mind)

Tips for Best GABA Supplement

Product Type

The following list are common types of product containing GABA:

  • Powder
  • Capsules
  • Tablets
  • Cream

The type of product chosen depends upon personal preference as well as the purpose of usage. For example, GABA creams are often intended to benefit the skin. GABA powder may be convenient for those who mix other ingredients into a shake, such as athletes. GABA tablets or capsules are an excellent choice for people who want a precise dosage and ease of transport.


When choosing a GABA supplement safety has to be a paramount concern as with any other choice that can impact human health. Safety can be sought by ensuring that the daily dosage of GABA consumed does not exceed the 800mg suggested by doctors. The other active ingredients should also fall within safe doses and be proven to be safe. Any supplement should be taken according to the guidelines provided by the manufacturer. If in doubt whether a GABA supplement can be taken alongside other medications or treatments it is vital to consult a doctor.

Product Reputation

Like any product in existence GABA supplements come in many varieties, and these are not all of equal quality. If ordering a GABA supplement from the internet it is advisable to try and find customer reviews from those who have tried it. Manufacturers frequently make claims that are unsubstantiated by user experience.

After choosing the best GABA supplement based on the above criteria it is vital to trial it personally. Humans are unique in their biochemical makeup so supplements will impact everyone slightly differently. Only by trying a product personally and noting any impact it has are we able to gauge its effectiveness.

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