Facts and Benefits of Taking GABA for Anxiety

Anxiety disorders are some of the most common conditions that people suffer from in the modern era. There are many different types of anxiety disorder. There is a misconception that anxiety is a purely psychological condition and is therefore not debilitating. This is far from the truth. Anxiety can stem from either physical or psychological causes. Anxiety can range from mild, occasional bouts of worry to severe and almost constant feelings of worry and dread. This can have a wide range of negative consequences on a person’s life. Every aspect of existence, including work, socializing and romance, can be negatively impacted by an anxiety condition. Many people find that taking a GABA supplement is a great way to alleviate the anxiety they feel. Today’s blog post will look at the facts surrounding using GABA for anxiety.

What is Anxiety? What Causes Anxiety?

Before understanding the benefits of using GABA for anxiety, we must first seek to understand why anxiety is a seriously debilitating condition that merits treatment. Anxiety is rarely exactly the same from person to person but anxiety disorders do share certain features. The various forms of anxiety are incredibly prevalent with some estimates suggesting that 1 in every 5 American citizens suffer from some type of anxiety disorder.

Some people experience general levels of anxiety that do not appear to rise or diminish as the result of any one variable. This is often known as generalized anxiety. Some people experience severe anxiety when presented with a particular stimulus such as being out in public or being in a closed space. These types of anxieties are often called phobias. Obsessive compulsive disorder and post-traumatic stress disorder are other types of anxiety disorder that affect a large number of people.

The Anxiety Cycle

Common symptoms of anxiety

The symptoms of anxiety vary from person to person but typically consist of a mixture of psychological and physical symptoms. People may worry and have obsessive, persistent and unwanted thought patterns that prevent them from relaxing and progressing with their day. There are also physical symptoms of anxiety that can include headaches, sweating, racing heartbeat and physical shakes. Traditionally people have used pharmaceutical medication as a way of dealing with their anxiety issues. GABA supplementation is a natural alternative that many people are finding incredibly beneficial.

Why You Should Take GABA for Anxiety

In order to understand how GABA helps anxiety it is important to recognize the mechanism by which GABA works within humans. It is an amino acid that serves as a neurotransmitter in the human brain. It is linked to the central nervous system. Anxiety is a condition related to the misfiring of the human nervous system and this is why GABA supplements are suitable remedies for this condition. The way in which GABA benefits anxiety is as follows. When a person is feeling anxious the neurons on their brain are misfiring and releasing a high level of brain chemicals that are conducive to the feeling of anxiety and restlessness. GABA acts as an inhibitor which lessens the release of these anxiety-causing brain chemicals. After taking GABA a person feels calm and more at ease. This is due to the inhibitory effect that correct levels of GABA have on the brain.

GABA For Anxiety

Many people, who self-medicate unhealthily, through methods such as smoking and drinking, are manipulating their GABA levels unknowingly. What they are tragically unaware of is that there is a way to get the same feeling of calm and ease through the means of supplementation rather than through consuming poisonous and toxic substances. A GABA supplement has the same effect on boosting neurotransmitter levels without the negative side effects such as dependency and hangovers. People who self-medicate for anxiety become trapped in a vicious cycle with the overall effect resulting in a worsening of their anxiety disorder. GABA supplements are a great way to break through this cycle and experience calm and serenity the natural way.


There are basically no risks to supplementing GABA for anxiety reduction. It is important to stick within the recommended dosage but aside from that consideration there is nothing to be concerned about as GABA is a natural substance. There are countless testimonies regarding how effective and life-changing GABA can be for people with anxiety. So if you or someone you know suffers from one of the many anxiety disorders, it is worth trying out GABA. It is a healthy and risk-free way to live calmly and happily.

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