How GABA Serotonin Has Helped Thousands Across The World To Overcome Alcoholic Addiction

One of the worst forms of drug addiction ever is the addiction of alcohol. Once an individual becomes obsessed, they are unable to control their intake of alcohol, and that’s where the trouble starts. In most cases, people who are addicted to alcoholic substances won’t admit that they have a problem. They may live in denial for the rest of their lives if they don’t receive help. They drink alone or in a secret place, and whenever they try to quite on their own, they experience withdrawal symptoms which may force them to go for alcohol once again.

To help victims overcome this problem, there are many solutions available for them. There are group therapies, counseling and medications that have been designed specifically to help addicts quit the habit. One effective treatment for those suffering from alcoholic addiction is GABA Serotonin. GABA can be combined with traditional methods of treatment to achieve true long term results. In fact, the victim may recover faster than some of the best solutions available in the market today.

GABA Serotonin and it’s role in Alcoholism

It’s simply an amino acid that plays a vital role in the central nervous system. It usually works hand in hand with vitamin B6 to trigger message transmission within the central nervous system. This special amino acid helps control the firing of nerve cells in the brain and that decreases the possibility of seizures, and that controls muscle spasms in the end. That again depends with the GABA levels inside the body. Clinical studies have actually shown that GABA serotonin is a neurotransmitter that mediates alcohol effects on the body.

People who consume lots of alcohol can actually alter the chemicals in the brain and increase the amount of GABA in their brains. GABA controls your impulses. If an addict wants to withdraw from taking alcohol, the amount of GABA  in the brain may begin to drop significantly. That means when they attempt to withdraw, the craving for alcohol may become irresistible at this point because of the alteration of chemicals inside the brain and body of the victim in question.

Effects of alcohol on GABA

Excessive consumption of alcohol will increase your GABA. On the other hand, GABA levels will decrease when a victim suddenly ceases to take alcohol. The reduced levels of GABA is then associated with the exhibited withdrawal symptoms. Furthermore, when the levels reduce drastically, a victim may begin to experience seizures at some point in time.

How does GABA alleviate alcohol?

There are a lot of people who are tired about this lifestyle of uncontrolled alcohol consumption. They spend their hard-earned cash on the most expensive alcoholic drinks. The worst part of it is that they have to consume alcohol on a daily basis. Failure to do that results in dire consequences. The person involved generally becomes dependent on alcohol to an extent that they become useless to the society. When they reach such a stage in life, then GABA serotonin may be used to rectify this person’s life and bring it back to track. There are lots of products out there that promise to help addicts quit alcohol, but none are as effective as GABA serotonin.

Victims are advised to take GABA supplements to help them re-balance GABA levels in their brains. They have to consume at least 750 mg capsules of GABA serotonin supplement twice a day to help bring the balance to the correct levels. And the best thing is that GABA is available as OTC drugs (over the counter drugs). Alternatively, you could purchase them online because that’s the best way to purchase them cheaply.

GABA serotonin is so powerful that it can help even the worst form of addiction in regards to alcoholism. It doesn’t matter how long a victim has been taking alcohol.

We visited online forums that talk about people who have used GABA serotonin before. Most people say the capsules are true and effective when it comes to dealing with withdrawal symptoms experienced during an attempt to quit alcohol. In fact, the success rate for this remedy clicks at a whooping 90% for those who have attempted to use this drug.

What you must do and what you mustn’t ?

If you’ve not stopped drinking, it’s advisable that you don’t take GABA serotonin supplements because alcohol will only increase your GABA levels in the brain. Should you relapse or start drinking again, you are advised not to take GABA supplements because it will beat the purpose altogether.



It’s always a good idea to seek therapeutic treatment alongside GABA for the best results. Most people say they’ve found GABA supplements to be more effective when combined with other forms of treatment. That means you must seek professional help when you want to recover completely. The road to recovery is long, and you may only seek a helping hand during these trying moments.

In general, this drug has a direct impact on mechanisms that cause alcoholic addictions. Consuming alcohol will cause your body to increase the levels of GABA inside the brain, and this is what causes the body to enter into a euphoric state. It works by stimulating glutamate, and then kicking it to restrict excessive effects. Even though the effects of GABA levels may fall, the presence of glutamate can make an individual feel irritable and craving for more alcohol. This could go on and on so that the drinking becomes a habit.

If you are suffering from alcoholic addiction, there is a solution for you. Don’t give up hope. There are people who have completely recovered just by using GABA serotonin as alcohol remedy. These people are a true testimony to those who still doubt the effectiveness of this drug.

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