GABApentin supplements for treating Pain, depression & insomnia

GABA is particularly found in the brain and has the potential to make one have a sense of well being and hence act as a normal human being. If absent or produced in low levels then a person happens to suffer from some abnormal conditions due to the related inadequacy of this acid in the brain. At this point in time, such persons need to take GABAPentin supplements that help restore the levels of this acid in the brain and hence restoring the normal body function. This article covers the role of GABA pentin supplements in treating and managing pain, depression and insomnia conditions.

GABAPentin for lowering Pain

The most common type of pain resulting from low levels of GABA is called Neuropathic pain, also called the nerve pain. This is a type of chronic pain meaning that it is persistent with long-lasting effects. The tissues are injured while the nerve fibers become damaged, dysfunctional or injured as well. The result is a change in the way the nerves function at the injury site and this also may have an impact on organs near the injury.

So WHAT causes Neuropathic pain?

Some of the known and common causes are alcoholism, diabetes, HIV/AIDS, spine injuries, body part amputation and chemotherapy (medicinal treatment of cancer). People suffering from Neuropathic pain experience burning, sharp pains, shooting pains usually to distant areas, hot flashes and concussions. Remember the pains can be experienced in various body parts but are most felt in the hands and feet. Painful neuropathy occurs due to different causes and differs from case to case.

Treatment and management of pain

The good news is that this dreadful condition is treatable with GABA supplements. What happens after taking the prescribed amounts and types of these supplements is that the body cells are induced to produce and even boost the levels of GABA in the body system. The results therefore offer a new pathway to treating this chronic pain by causing an inhibiting effect that calms the nerve impulses. This is because GABA acts as a neurotransmitter and hence for this purpose it inhibits the pain from reaching the brains. As such, patients with neuropathic pain experience a reduction in their pain scores. However, this varies significantly with the types of other diseases or conditions that they may be suffering from. A spine injury patient will have a lower pain score than his counterpart suffering from a minor amputation. If you are suffering from any nerve pain out there it’s about time you gave our high quality GABA pentin supplements a try.

GABAPentin for Depressive disorders and severe depression

Life comes with its ups and downs and it is perfectly normal to feel sad from time to time. However, if depression catches up with us then it can become a tough situation to overcome if it goes unmanaged. There are various types of depressions and some of them include: major depression, melancholia, psychotic depression, antenatal and postnatal depression, bipolar disorder, cyclothymic disorder, dysthymic disorder and seasonal affective disorder (SAD). People suffering from these disorders experience symptoms ranging from minor to the very severe ones.

Many of them suffer from any of the above disorders and experience one or more of the following symptoms at one point or another; these include: low moods, loss of interest, change in body movement style and speed, losing touch with reality/being delusional, becoming paranoid, feelings of having lots of energy, racing thoughts, difficulty in concentration, increased irritability, fluctuating moods over long periods of time and having a seasonal pattern in experiencing mood disorders. They find it difficult to go back to their normal, happy and jovial lives by losing touch with themselves, their families and even friends.

Unfortunately some of them do not even realize that they are depressed. Instead, they assume that they are only suffering from a not-so-serious disease that is isolating them from their happiness. Depressed people are found everywhere and count it as a blessing if you are able to identify them as this makes it easy when dealing with them be it in your home, place of work, school or just a market place.

The ugly truth is that it has been established that Low GABA levels are associated with depression. This means that they have a disrupted GABA metabolism that result to a low count of GABA and this depends on the type of depression they are experiencing. It goes without saying that someone suffering from Melancholia which is a severe form of depression has a lower score of GABA than one suffering from dysthymic disorder which is less severe.

Treatment and management Tips:

Once taken these supplements will boost the levels of GABA in the body and help improve moods by acting as a mood-stabilizing agent. It has a calming effect that makes the depressed persons feel relaxed and excited making the sadness fly away.

GABApentin for Insomnia 

Insomnia is a sleeping disorder where experiences difficulty in falling asleep or getting enough sleep. Many people around the world are suffering from insomnia.

Insomnia is of two types. Primary insomnia where the person is experiencing sleeplessness because of problems that are not linked with any other health condition. Secondary insomnia where the person is experiencing sleeplessness because of problems linked with a given health condition(s). Insomnia can also be short-term or long-term.

Common causes of sleeplessness include:

  • Stress about work, health, family, loss of loved ones, job loss, break-up/divorce
  • Depression which may be due to sadness, fears and worries that may keep you from having your normal sleep
  • Caffeine which is a highly stimulating drug and can make you abnormally active especially at night
  • Poor sleeping habits and hygiene
  • Poor eating habits especially in hours preceding bedtime
  • Change in activity and activity levels, health, and also change in sleep patterns
  • Medication and medical conditions

Treatment and management tips

Just like depression, insomnia is tied to lack or low levels of GABA in the brain. People experiencing sleeplessness, regardless of their age, record a lower count of GABA. When theses GABA pentin supplements are taken, they boost GABA levels that literally shut down the brain by reducing brain activity by inhibiting other neurotransmitters from keeping the brain as active as before. It can therefore be deduced that higher the amount of GABA in the brain the lower the chances of suffering from insomnia and vice versa.



GABA is a very important acid in our brains. It is evident that it plays critical roles in our day-to-day lives. It is advisable to go for medical check- ups as often as you can. In the fateful event that you are diagnosed with low counts of GABA in the brain you should consider taking GABAPentin supplements. However, you should follow your doctor’s instructions to the letter and ensure that the whole medication process is well managed.

Thank you.

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