Pharma GABA Full Review – Could This Be The Perfect GABA Supplement?

PharaGABA is rumored to stronger than both normal GABA and L-theanine. It is made with a different process than normal bought store GABA. It is also different from the GABA found in tea. Nonetheless it is very similar – except how it is made and the intermediate chemicals – the two are virtually identical.

How it is Made

Pharma GABA is made by utilizing Lactobacillus hilgardii which is the same bacteria used to ferment vegetables in Kimchi. The bacteria, Lactobacillus hilgardii, is completely safe and is also found in fermented foods such as sauerkraut and pickles. From here it is sent through a process in which the end result is produced.

The pharma version is known to be “all natural” form of GABA. Most GABA is “synthetic” and is produced by a chemical process that isolates GABA from a non natural source. During the process there are several intermediate, which are known to be not too friendly to humans, which are present in the final result.

Effectiveness of Pharma GABA

In a double blind study Pharma GABA out performed normal GABA in relaxation. The effects of taking the pharma version usually come on within five to thirty minutes. It is helpful for counteracting the stimulation effects of caffeine much like l-theanine. In one study there was proof that the pharma version altered central nervous system activity and induced relaxation effects.

The effects of Pharma GABA were a lot like GABA. After all they are almost completely similar. The main difference being is they way they are synthesized. The effects of GABA are very similar with the main ones being:

  • Higher Sense of relaxation and security
  • Lower Anxiety
  • Often Helps with Depression
  • Enhances focus

Generally the dosage is around 100mg to 200mg two to three times daily. It is recommended to not take any mega-doses as there may be unwanted side effects. People wonder why this form is often more effective than the other. Some people think it crosses the blood brain barrier more easily and has a higher bio-availability. Whatever the reason, the pharma version is usually considered to be more effective. As a result Pharma GABA is generally more expensive.

Where can I buy Pharma GABA?

It can be bought from many stores and it is made by many vitamin brands. Thorne Research and Natural Factors both sell it. When looking to buy or order make sure the label or website specifically says “Pharma GABA”. If it is not you are only going to get the generic version. You can also buy it from retailers displayed on this website. The price compared to synthetic is slightly higher. This is because it is both more effective and takes more work and time to produce it. It is usually 1.25 – 1.5 the price of normal synthetic GABA.

Pharma GABA Review

What makes it better than regular GABA?

When “synthetic” GABA is made it is extracted through a chemical process. Along the way there are other chemicals that may cause harm. Although small in number these chemicals can potentially affect you in a negative way.Some of these chemicals are registered as noxious chemicals in some countries. Most “synthetic” GABA is made from pyrrolidinone which is currently not allowed to be used in japan. Pharma GABA does not contain any of the negative chemicals and it is produced in a more natural way.

In the process Lactobacillus Hilgardii are fed nutrients such as Glutamaic Acid and other things necessary for the development of GABA.. Through a chemical filtering process the final product can then be extracted and sold. There are no harmful chemicals present anywhere in the production process. This is no different than eating kimchi and everything involved is totally safe.

Like stated above in several studies it was proved to be more effective than the usual GABA. It can be viewed as the premium version of GABA. More effective and coming form a natural source.


If you have a little bit of extra money to spend, Natural Factors Pharma GABA may be worth it over the synthetic stuff. It is more effective and comes from a natural source. If not normal GABA supplements will still do the job. They are very similar, however there are several key differences.

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