Ultimate Nutrition GABA Review – Benefits and Side-Effects

Ultimate Nutrition is a fitness and health supplements company with over 30 years of experience in the industry. Ultimate Nutrition was founded by biochemist and top amateur power lifter Victor Rubino. Victor’s mission was to create thoroughly-researched products that were accessible by the masses. Ultimate Nutrition GABA is one of the company’s current offerings and is designed to help those with goals in bodybuilding as well as those seeking GABA’s health-promoting benefits. In this article I share my Ultimate Nutrition GABA review to help you in your search for the best GABA supplements for your needs.

Ultimate Nutrition GABA review – Product Overview

Ultimate Nutrition offer GABA in the form of capsules containing 750mg of GABA each. GABA is the only active ingredient found in the product which means keeping track of dosage is simpler than if the product contained other active ingredients.

Aside from the GABA that forms the active ingredient for Ultimate Nutrition GABA the rest of the ingredients are inactive. They are simply the constituents of the capsule containing GABA. Due to the usage of gelatin in the capsules Ultimate Nutrition GABA is not suitable for use by vegetarians or others wishing to avoid the consumption of gelatin.

The suggested dosage for Ultimate Nutrition GABA is two capsules on an empty stomach close to bedtime. This dosage of GABA may be too much for some people and if a person is new to GABA supplementation then it may be wiser to begin by taking a single capsule and increasing consumption if effects are not experienced.

Ultimate Nutrition GABA Review

What are the benefits of taking Ultimate Nutrition GABA?

The following benefits of Ultimate Nutrition GABA are promoted by the company and have been confirmed by user’ experiences of the product.

*Lean Bodybuilding

One of the primary goals for many individuals engaged in the pursuit of health and fitness is to increase their lean body mass. This involves adding to the amount of muscle found on a human body while decreasing or maintaining body fat percentage.

Human growth hormone is a naturally occurring substance within the body that is absolutely vital for lean growth. More than one scientific study has shown that ingesting GABA triggers the release of the body’s natural human growth hormone supply, particularly following intense exercise.

Due to the ability of ingested GABA to release HGH, Ultimate Nutrition GABA is a great choice of supplement for those purely seeking to increase their lean body composition. GABA can be stacked with other amino acids to provide a comprehensive fitness supplement.

*Healthier Sleep

A restful night’s sleep is essential both for people seeking bodily fitness outcomes and people seeking general good health. Sufficient levels of GABA are absolutely vital for the body to be able to inhibit chemicals related to stress and anxiety that prevent a restful sleep from being attained.

One of the reasons people struggle to get to sleep and sleep soundly at night is due to elevated levels of stress chemicals and decreased levels of GABA. Taking Ultimate Nutrition GABA is an effective way to remedy the brain’s chemical mix and ensure healthy sleep.

*Lower levels of stress

Stress is one of the most prevalent conditions known to debilitate a person in many ways. Excess stress experienced over time is linked to many negative health outcomes such as heart attacks and loss of sexual desire. Taking Ultimate Nutrition GABA can help to lower the stress a person experiences and subsequently decrease their risk of subsequent bad health.

Are there any real-life success stories associated with Ultimate Nutrition GABA?

Many Amazon reviewers, who have had their purchases verified by Amazon, have written of their positive experiences using Ultimate Nutrition GABA. The following is a selection of their comments intended to represent the range of real benefits people have experienced after taking Ultimate Nutrition GABA –

Rachel Dimaggio, taking GABA for Sjorgen’s Syndrome

Rachel attested that stress severely worsened the symptoms of her Sjorgen’s Syndrome. After taking Ultimate Nutrition GABA her symptoms have been greatly improved and she has not experienced any side-effects. Rachel awarded the product five stars.

FairyBlossom30, taking GABA for stress and insomnia

This user praised GABA for its ability to help them sleep at night and also to cope with specific situations that trigger anxiety for them. They awarded Ultimate Nutrition GABA five stars.

Kevin Huxford, J Barrington

Both of these users of Ultimate Nutrition GABA stated that they found the product offering to be superior in quality and price to those offered by competing manufacturers.

Ultimate Nutrition GABA Dosage

Are there any side effects associated with Ultimate Nutrition GABA?

Ultimate Nutrition GABA is a higher strength GABA product than many competitors. This is due to the fact it was originally intended for a bodybuilding market rather than the general population.

For this reason some users may experience stimulation rather than relaxation when taking Ultimate Nutrition GABA as instructed by the packaging. One solution suggested by J Barrington, reviewing the product for Amazon, is to half the dosage. This should result in a more calming effect.

If taken at the amount suggested on the packaging, or a lesser amount as suggested above, Ultimate Nutrition GABA should be free of side-effects. If the dose is too high, or exceeded, users may experience:

  • Harmless tingling sensations
  • A slight shortness of breath

If there are any concerns about starting GABA supplementation, or combining it with prescribed medication or other supplements, then a doctor or other qualified healthcare professional’s advice should be sought.

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